Ops-Core SOTR Lite Special Operations Tactical Respirator

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Ops-Core SOTR Lite Special Operations Tactical Respirator


The Ops-Core Special Operations Tactical Respirator (SOTR) is a half-mask respirator designed to provide protection against a wide range of oil and non-oil based particulate contaminants encountered by Special Operations forces during training and in operational environments. The Ops-Core SOTR offers 99.97% filtration efficiency against airborne particulates including lead, asbestos, fentanyl, lubricant mist, and explosive gunfire residue. The low profile design offers protection without interfering with operator’s tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) and seamlessly interfaces with weapon systems for optimal effectiveness. Includes easy to adjust suspension straps to be worn with our without a helmet.


  • Offers at least 99.97% filtration efficiency against airborne particulates including Lead, Asbestos, lubricant mist, narcotics and explosive gunfire residue
  • Seamlessly integrates with NVGs and other eye protection products, as well as over the ear hearing protection products
  • Two exhalation valves for easier breathing
  • Easy to adjust suspension straps suspension straps to be worn with or without a helmet
  • Flexible and lightweight silicone face piece with a wide, wraparound, and pleated design to enable the respirator to fit to a large variety of facial types
  • Front mounted inhalation valves and cartridge ports for an enhanced field-of-vision and a quick one-handed filter change
  • Protective pouch to store attachment options and filters


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    Posted by Bruce Sickles on 28th Jan 2022

    Highly Recommend

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    SOTR mask

    Posted by Tribbie Turner on 14th Oct 2021

    Excellent product, easy to keep in my work go bag for emergencies purposes

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    Posted by Daniel Buckley on 27th Feb 2021

    Fast shipping, great website, and awesome price, I love shopping here

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    Expensive but comfortable

    Posted by David on 5th Oct 2020

    Great fit with no pressure points. Good airflow and allows for cheek weld. This is the version without comms.

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    Good Mask, Costly

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Jul 2020

    Its a good mask that filters well. I'll use it for a multitude of situations. But it doesn't fog up glasses, major plus there. Costly but it's Ops-Core, go figure

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    Posted by Murray Foster on 5th Jun 2020

    Fantastic respirator, super comfortable. Like any respirator it doesn't seal with facial hair (no matter what bearded folks tell themselves in their video reviews). Satisfied with the speed of shipping by armsunlimited.

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    Ops-Core SOTR Special Operations Tactical Respirat

    Posted by Lovell Pratcher on 5th Jun 2020

    The respirator is a great asset for personal protection in these times. The filter and harness system functions as designed. The weight is no issue and it wears better than surgical masks.

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    Surpassed all expectations

    Posted by Hai Nguyen on 30th May 2020

    This thing is hands down awesome. Judging from the pictures, i thought it would be cumbersome to put on and take off throughout the day but it really isnt. Its actually a really fast process. I bought primarily to use for work in dusty environments, air-brushing and suppressed shooting. The mask is easily put on while wearing a cap and it doesnt make your eye protection fog up since the exhalation valves are on the front. Breathability is fantastic compared to your typical n95 mask. Im very happy with purchase and happy armsunlimted notified me when it came in stock. The surgical and cloth face masks are worn to protect other people from your germs, not the other way around. This mask is there to protect YOU. This respirator was worth every penny.

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    Comfortable and solid build

    Posted by Ryan Custodioy on 12th Apr 2020

    For a one size fits all design, it’s very comfortable and has a good seal on the face. I use it primarily for shooting and tactical training, but it also proved useful where exposure to harmful particulates and biologica pathogens is high. This is a quality product, and you get what you pay for. But then again, Ops-Core tactical products are on the pricey side. Arms Unlimited did a great job shipping the item in a timely manner.