Ops-Core AMP Helmet Rail Mount Adapter Kit

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Ops-Core AMP Helmet Rail Mount Adapter Kit


  • Allows for mounting to the rear of Ops-Core ARC Rails, leaving the top portion of the rails free for mounting accessories, such as lights, cameras, etc. This also creates better helmet stabilization and a counterbalancing effect of forward shroud mounted devices, such as night vision devices.
  • A single point gimbal attachment to the ear cups allow for 360 Degree adjustment, which not only allows for better fitment and seal to the user’s unique ear / head shape, but maintains that seal and moves more naturally with their head movement.
  • Earcups rotate to the side or rear of helmet when not in use, streamlining stowage to create a very low profile.


  • 5
    Ops Core AMP rail mount adapter

    Posted by Steve on 29th Apr 2023

    Well-made, no comparison to the knock off’s. Worth the money, but great price by AU.

  • 5
    Ops Core AMP rail mount adapter

    Posted by Steve on 29th Apr 2023

    Well-made, no comparison to the knock off’s. Worth the money, but great price by a few.

  • 5
    Great product. Fast shipping

    Posted by Tony D on 25th Apr 2023

    Got these when they were on sale and couldn’t be any happier. Now just waiting for comms to be on sale.

  • 5
    Innovative Design

    Posted by dlb on 29th Jan 2023

    AU had these in stock when most other online retailers did not. AU also had the best price. Shipping was also very fast. The Ops Core AMP rail mounts utilize the rear portion of the rail that I wouldn’t otherwise use; freeing up space on the top rail for an admin light or whatever else you might want on the helmet. Plus the weight of the AMPs Comm headset are shifted to the rear of the helmet, which acts as a counterbalance when running NODs. Overall I prefer them over my Peltor ARC rail mounts.

  • 5
    Incredible & Easy to Use

    Posted by Randy on 9th Jan 2023

    These rail mounts are the best on the market and work great with just about any helmet. I love them but the spring in stiff, you need to be careful when you lower these on your head or they will snap in and wack you in the side of the head. Like, concussion hard! I'm very impressed with them and look forward to using them more in the future.

  • 5
    Ops Core Amps Helmet Mount

    Posted by Jay on 28th Nov 2022

    Great helmet mount. Went originally with Unity Tactical AMP 2.0 mounts but they gave me a massive headache and didn't fit exactly right on the helmet. The Opscore AMP mounts work flawlessly and are great for easy on/off.

  • 5
    High Quality Product at good price

    Posted by jay on 17th Jun 2022

    Fit the helmet perfectly and integrate the comma set to the helmet.

  • 5
    Awesome addition to any helmet.

    Posted by Jeff Geesaman on 29th Mar 2022

    You can tell these are the best quality right out of the box. Love the modularity to switch between headband and helmet mount.

  • 5
    Flipping Great

    Posted by Average F’wit on 23rd Dec 2021

    Quality alternative mounting solution.