Colt AR15/SMG Carbine 9mm Semi-Auto Rifle | 16" Barrel

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The Colt 9mm Carbine is exceptionally well suited for those requiring a light weight compact weapon for close confrontations.

The Colt 9mm Carbine fires from a closed bolt, is equipped with a collapsible buttstock, and is easily field stripped without the need of any special tools. The straight-line construction, coupled with the low recoil of 9mm ammunition, provides highly accurate fire with less muzzle climb. Less recoil also facilitates ease of training and improves accuracy. Finally, operation and training for the Colt 9mm Carbine is similar to that for the Colt M16A2/A4 Rifle, Colt M4 Carbine or Colt Commando Carbine, simplifying user training substantially.


  • CALIBER: 9x19 mm/Parabellum
  • WEIGHT: 6.35 lbs (2.88 kg)
  • OVERALL LENGTH (STOCK RETRACTED): 31.5 in. (80.01 cm)
  • OVERALL LENGTH (STOCK EXTENDED): 35 in. (88.9 cm)
  • BARREL LENGTH: 16.1 in. (40.89 cm)
  • RIFLING: 1/10 RH
  • 1 - Colt 32rd Magazine


  • 5
    Awesome gun

    Posted by William on 29th Feb 2024

    I've owned many a colt AR-15s but by far this one is my favorite I don't know it's just something about the way it shoots and the feel of it plus is chambered in 9 mm can't go wrong with this gun honestly I recommend it to anybody is looking for a 9mm AR and you have the colt quality backing it definitely a 10 out of 10

  • 5
    Colt 6951 9mm Carbine

    Posted by Jay on 16th Mar 2023

    The classic pistol caliber carbine. A proven design utilizing steel 32 rnd stick mags. Reliable and compact.

  • 5
    Colt 9mm AR

    Posted by Mike Garcia on 17th Feb 2023

    I really like the feel and handling of this classic carbine. It’s fun to shoot.

  • 5
    Colt 6951

    Posted by Joe on 2nd Feb 2023

    Best deal on the internet for a Colt 6951, the whole process was a breeze and I hope to buy more from Arms Unlimited!

  • 5
    Nice carbine!!!

    Posted by Mark Johnson on 3rd Oct 2022

    A nice, well built pistol carbine.

  • 5
    Colt 6951 AR15 9mm

    Posted by David Whitson on 9th Sep 2022

    New in box- fast shipping - Arms Unlimited is great ! Excellent prices - not first purchase here not my last ! just wish I would have bought the VP9 suppressed B&T pistol

  • 5
    Colt 9mm AR

    Posted by Dave on 26th Aug 2022

    Awesome Colt product. Runs like a champ. I'm getting 3 MOA groups at 150 yds with a red dot. Good job having one of these in stock guys.

  • 5
    Colt 9mm Semi-Auto 16'Carbine

    Posted by Bob on 5th Aug 2022

    Purchase was easy and FFL dealer was notified the same day. Item was as adve

  • 3
    9mm colt 6951

    Posted by Larry Jones on 18th Jul 2022

    I have no Problem with the product I Do however have an issue with the way the product was packaged. Half of my shipment was not only packaging wise damaged but so Was the product inside. ALL of the packages/boxes were crushed/torn or ripped by the shipper. I would expect more attention paid to securing a damage free orpadding around the shipment as these rifles are in good demand but now I cannot resell scratched receivers because of your poor packaging. The rifle boxes were punctured and subsequently blemished the rifle receivers in shipment cuz I highly doubt Colt sent them to you damaged. FYI