Wilcox L4 G02 GSGM Mount | GPNVG / FGS / F5050

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Wilcox L4 G02 GSGM Mount | GPNVG / FGS / F5050


The Ground Spec Goggle Mount integrates existing Army mounting capabilities of the GPNVG, F5050 and FGS Night Vision Goggles with Wilcox’s standards for firm attachment to a Crye Airframe, or ACH/OpsCore Helmet. The Wilcox GSGM NVG Mounting system features a wide range of adjustments to customize the position of the Night Vision Goggle for proper eye position, and provide a maximum low profile position to the helmet.


Material Construction: Lightweight Aerospace Aluminum Dimensions: 2.79" W x 2.47" H x 3.33" D Power Cord - 6" long Weight: 124.17 grams (4.38oz) Vertical Adjust: 0.900″ Total Travel Accommodates: GPNVG, F5050, and FGS