Tirrena Model T148 Military Flamethrower

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The Tirrena Model T-148 Military Flamethrower is a Vietnam Era production item that was made in Italy and sold to mostly Asian and African militaries before the Geneva convention banned the use of flamethrowers on the battlefield. One of the most sophisticated military flamethrowers available at the time, the T148 uses an electrical ignition (no failing pilot lights) and capable of throwing flames 15 meters with unthickened fuel or up to 60 meters with thickened fuel. Simple diesel or petrol are commonly found fuels that work with the T148 and the double tank can hold 15 liters. The T148 is completely encapsulated and can still function after being completely immersed in water.

This specific unit is unfired and is basically a time capsules that was found in its original crate in a Malaysian Ordnance Depot. Though it is unfired, may require replacement hoses or gaskets. They have been pressure tested before import and do hold air.

RARE FIND, NEVER OFFERED IN THE USA BEFORE! Only 12 of these were imported. Don't miss your chance to buy a real deal Vietnam Era flamethrower!


Not a firearm, ships direct to you!