Ops-Core SLAAP Up-Armour Ballistic Rifle Plate for FAST Helmets

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  • The SLAAP Plate by Velocity Systems defeats 7.62x39 Mild Steel Core at 2,400 +50fps (Muzzle Velocity) in-conjunction with approved ballistic helmets.
  • Ballistic up-armor specifically designed to fit Ops-Core FAST® MT Super High Cut and FAST® XP High Cut Helmet Systems.
  • Quick and easy to mount on or detach from helmet system for immediate mission readiness.
  • Made of durable materials to withstand storage in an operational kit without the concern of damage.

Ballistic Performance:

7.62x39 MSC, Velocity: 2,400 f/s (732 m/s), BFD Requirement: <1 in


  • 4
    Slaap up

    Posted by Cameron on 13th Mar 2023

    Looks good feels good not to heavy. Do not how well it works yet and hopefully we will never get dome pieced to find out.

  • 5
    Do you need it? No…

    Posted by Watson on 3rd Mar 2023

    But you know you want it for that price. I got the large, it does fit a large Team Wendy Exfil. I’ll probably never use it, but I’d rather have it and not need it. Know what I’m sayin?

  • 5

    Posted by Eric Vargas on 30th Nov 2022

    Currently fighting in Ukraine and I jury rigged this baby to my current high cut. Shes still a beauty and adds next to nothing to the weight and even if it did Ill take the extra armor any day.

  • 5
    Great Company. Phenomenal Price.

    Posted by Old Wombat on 1st Oct 2022

    Like finding Rooster Socks...

  • 5
    Like finding Rooster Socks...

    Posted by Old Wombat on 26th Sep 2022

    Incredible price.

  • 5
    Slap helmet cover

    Posted by Troy Savage on 19th Aug 2022

    Best price, great product, fast shipping! Go to store for most hardware.

  • 5
    Amazing price for a great upgrade!

    Posted by Izzy on 5th Jul 2022

    The images show and others point out that the coverage is lacking ober the NVG area. This is a serious design flaw...likely why we can get these at this price. HOWEVER, you can flip the SLAAP plate upside-down and your needed-protection on the front is covered (the NVG gap; remove the NVG mount that 95% of the universe does not use outside of active duty). I have several brand and style helmets; this worked most, and at this price you can afford to test and experiment! Also, the weight is so low that on a lightweigh helmet (Team Wendy, Ops Core, etc) you can hot glue or epoxy this on for a 'permanent' attachment. Good luck! Rifle protection for a head-on engagement at this price is unheard of! Do it!!

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    Helmet plate

    Posted by Joseph G. on 30th Jun 2022

    Call me a fool but I was hoping these would work with other helmets. It looks like they’ll only work with Ops-Core. They weigh about 0.8 pounds and seem to be worth it to make a helmet basically rifle rated.

  • 5
    solid up armor addon

    Posted by alan on 24th Jun 2022

    Excellent and cheap upgrade to my bump helmet!