Geissele Automatics SSA-E Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced Rifle Trigger

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Geissele Automatics SSA-E Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced Rifle Trigger


The Geissele Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced (SSA-E) Trigger is a finely-tuned semi-automatic-only version of our full-auto, two stage combat trigger presently used in the U.S. Special Operations Community. Built on the chassis of the Geissele SSA, the SSA-E provides enhanced trigger control and weapon accuracy while maintaining the robustness and reliability of our combat-proven two-stage trigger. The SSA-E's reduced 1st and 2nd stage pull weights result in a trigger with a smooth, light 1st stage take-up and a crisp, candy cane-like 2nd stage break. The SSA-E is ideal for use in precision Squad Designated Marksman type rifles where weapon accuracy and reliability are critical and a non-adjustable drop in trigger is desired.

Performance Advantages for the Shooter

  • The Geissele SSA-E has a pull weight of about 3.5 lbs: There is 2.3 lbs. on the 1st stage and 1.2 lbs. on the 2nd stage. The pull weights and sear engagement are non adjustable by the shooter.
  • Trigger and hammer are made from quality tool steel.
  • Sear surfaces are cut by a wire edm machine. Sears cut this way are very accurate and the non-directional surface finish of the wire edm gives a smooth trigger pull without the associated grittiness of directional machining marks left by a milling cutter.
  • The initial force needed to start the disengagement of the sear surfaces is low and the force linearly increases at a low rate. This helps the shot to fall at the initial point of aim and aids in building shooter confidence in his weapons ability to put the rounds where his sight is pointing.
  • The Geissele SSA-E trigger allows the shooter to slap through the trigger pull on close in shots but also set up a long range shot with a crisp trigger break.
  • A full force hammer spring is used for quick locktime and positive ignition of all types of ammo. No lightened hammer spring is used.
  • The hammer is lighter than a standard AR15 hammer. The lightened hammer favorably decreases locktime over a standard hammer from 8.5 to 5.1 ms and increases accuracy of the weapon.

Advantages for the Armorer

  • The Geissele SSA-E is a simple design that is very similar to the original M16 trigger. The number of parts is identical.
  • There are no adjustment screws to come loose.
  • All springs are captive; they will not get lost during disassembly in the field
  • The entire trigger can be dissembled for cleaning (no rivets or staked parts)
  • The trigger can be installed without removing the safety
  • Sear engagement is pre-set from the factory.
  • Hammer and trigger pins are a close slip fit into nominal receiver holes so the trigger can be installed and removed with rudimentary tools.
  • Triggers come with a slave pin for the trigger/disconnector assembly for easy installation.

Safety Advantages

  • The Geissele SSA-E is a 2 stage trigger where there is generous overlap of the sear surfaces which contributes to safety and a low tendency of any inadvertent movement of the trigger to discharge the weapon.
  • The Geissele SSA-E has a patented pseudo sear that is almost identical to the standard AR15 single stage sear. However, this secondary sear has surfaces that never touch during normal operation. This sear prevents the hammer from falling unless the trigger is pulled.
  • The secondary safety sear contributes to shooter confidence in dynamic/vehicle situations where a fellow shooter's muzzle may cover him. There is firm knowledge that even with the safety in the fire position the weapon can never discharge unless the trigger is pulled.
  • Trigger timing is robust and parts have been sized to operate with a certain amount of wear to the working surfaces. The trigger is designed to operate in dusty, abrasive environments that cause wear.



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    Posted by Roderick Johnson on 16th Jun 2018

    i am pleased with this trigger

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    Geissele Trigger/Arms unlimited

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Jul 2017

    This is my second Geissele Trigger and I love it. Smooth and a light touch. Drop in easy. Arms Unlimited gave me a good price and delivered promptly. No complaints and I shop their site often.

  • 5
    On time, right part

    Posted by Aaron on 21st Dec 2015

    First time I have used arms unlimited and I will be a repeat customer. Good price, free shipping, correct part, what else can a guy ask for!

  • 5
    Clean crisp 3.5 lb. trigger!

    Posted by Greg on 28th Jul 2015

    First Geissele trigger, SSA-e is very nice, good for precision shooting and hunting. Highly recommended!

  • 5
    Smooth as silk

    Posted by a Happy Camper on 11th May 2015

    I dropped this into my Sig Sauer 516 Patrol. This was the first mod I have done to a firearm which required tools. It took me all of 15 minutes to complete. The entire process from ordering to install, to the operation of my new trigger were all as "Smooth as silk"

  • 5
    Ssa-E trigger

    Posted by Christopher Kahn on 30th Apr 2015

    Wow! This trigger kit did not dissapoint. Such a huge improvement over the crunchy Sig 516 trigger. It's a must have.

  • 5
    Can't Wait To Shoot!!!

    Posted by F. Brown on 17th Mar 2015

    I purchased the Geissele SSA-E from this company because it was the absolute lowest price I could find at the time for such a quality trigger. I was skeptical at first for this reason being that I didn't want to receive a used or defective product. However, the product was just as advertised anywhere else and shipped to my house within a reasonable time. I'm building a precision AR and read that this particular trigger was an excellent option.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Francis Murzyn on 12th Mar 2015

    Anything Geissele makes I will trust to preform as stated.

  • 5
    SSA-E Trigger

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Mar 2015

    The difference between this trigger (SSA-E) and the trigger that came in my LE6920MP-B is like night and day. I would highly recommend this trigger to anyone who wants to get away from a gritty awful trigger to a smooth one. Out of all the changes I've made to my AR this is the best one.