CTS 4233 Long Range 40mm CS Smoke Triple Projectile Round

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The CTS 4233 is a Long Range 40mm aluminum cartridge that launches 3 sub-munitions that emit CS via rapid burning. The munition is used from a stand-off distance and it is extremely effective to disperse unruly crowds or deny areas during riots and civil disorder.

**Effective range is dependent upon environmental factors, especially wind


Type Irritant & Smoke Pyrotechnic Projectiles
Caliber 40MM
Weapon Compatibility All 40MM Launchers, M203, M79 and Multi-Launcher Type
Cartridge Length 4.8” (122 mm)
Effective Range* 80 yards (73 m)
Overall Weight 210 gm
Discharge Time 20-40 Seconds
Warranty 5 Years from Shipment Date