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The Colt model 1881 Gatling Gun in .45-70 was a game changer, though it was short lived being replaced by newly invented machine guns that were much easier to transport, maintain and carry. This antique is an amazing example of American craftsmanship.

This iconic piece of history traveled from the Colt factory to San Francisco when it was purchased by the US Government and was considered a "spare", it was never used. Later sold as surplus to Francis Bannerman, a renowned surplus reseller, it was then sold to a private collector and has remained in a private collection up until 2020 when the owner of ArmsUnlimited acquired it. This original 140+ year old firearm is an incredible piece of history in like new museum condition; you will not find a better condition Colt Gatling Gun.


Due to age this is an unregulated item and ships direct to your home.