B&T Reloading Device Press Kit for SIR and SIR-X Rounds

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B&T Reloading Device Press Kit for SIR and SIR-X Rounds


Using B&T's reloading press for SIR and SIR-X less lethal ammunition makes training with the GL06 easy and cost effective. After picking up cases and projectile, the propulsion cartridge is ejected using the reloading press, before a new cartridge is inserted. Finally the projectile is manually pressed into the case again. The whole process takes just a few seconds and can be handled concurrent with the shooting training on the range. The SIR projectiles can be reloaded multiple times. Therefore the training costs are reduced to the price of the propulsion cartridge which translates to roughly $0.50 per round!


Material: Aluminum, steel
Delivery: Case, manual
Weight: 6.4 lbs
Width: 80 mm
Length: 250 mm
Height: 270 mm


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    Reload and reload time after time

    Posted by Roger Herron on 10th Apr 2022

    Bought the reloader for the rounds, looks very sturdy and should last long as I need it.