Timney TS-025 Trigger Tension Scale

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Timney TS-025 Trigger Tension Scale


The Timney Armorers Trigger Pull Gage features measurements in Kilograms and Pounds. The Kilogram side measures from 0.0kg to 11.34kg in .1125kg increments. The Pound side measures from 0lbs to 25lbs in .25lb increments. For use, insert trigger pull gage finger in front of the trigger and pull on the rear handle of the gage. As more pressure is exerted against the trigger pull finger, the sliding indicator will move towards the heavier side of the scale; once the disconnector disengages the sear the sliding indicator will remain at the point at which the highest amount of pressure was exerted on the trigger finger. The sliding indicator will then indicate the trigger pull weight.


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    Timney TS-025 Trigger Scale

    Posted by R Mell on 31st Jan 2021

    Short, sweet and simple. Should be 6 stars. Finding, ordering, S&H all went smoothly. Product arrived quickly well packed and works great as described. Item works by manually measuring pounds used when pulling trigger back to guns firing location with tool. Another sliding/movable marker measures pull weight achieved when trigger's pulled and scale's released. Average times used to test trigger pull weight is three times with accurate results every time used so far. Trigger end does rotate to help accommodate different gun varieties and angles used. Simply put, a great accurate trigger gauge that doesn't require or use some sort of battery. Is an asset to any gun and tool chest.

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    Timney trigger gauge

    Posted by Walter Woods on 16th Nov 2020

    Very well made product. Fast shipping.

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    25 lb Scale

    Posted by gf on 28th Jul 2020

    Build quality good. Accuracy good. Repeatability good. Made in USA!!!

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    Excellent service and products!

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Nov 2019

    I've ordered several times from Arms Unlimited because they have great prices, excellent service, and speedy, safe delivery. This trigger scale is just what I needed to test trigger pull on competition guns.

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    Works as expected

    Posted by Hunter on 1st Jul 2019

    Work as expected.

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    Great scale

    Posted by Vincent Dupre on 13th May 2019

    Timney Trigger scale consistently good measurements and price better than evil Am@zon and Eb@y

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    Timney Trigger Gauge

    Posted by Arthur on 28th Feb 2019

    Arrived quickly. No hassle purchase. Needed the heaver trigger gauge for use with revolvers. As with all Timney products I have purchased, it is well built, accurate, and does the job as expected.

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    Timney TS-025 Very Good

    Posted by Mark Beam on 8th Oct 2018

    The Timney TS-025 Trigger Tension Scale is the only scale I've seen that goes to 25 pounds. All the other (sring or electronic) have a 12 pound maximum. This may be not enough for some DA pistols and revolvers. The TS-025 has a good range, is relatively inexpensive, and uses no batteries. A good tool.

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    new works as designed

    Posted by Matt Grabanski on 26th Aug 2018

    Not the most precise but works for what I need it for.