Ops-Core Mission Configurable Helmet Cover

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Ops-Core Mission Configurable Helmet Cover


The Ops-Core Mission Configurable Helmet Cover (MCHC) is Ops-Core's first helmet cover to offer the wearer adaptability for every mission. Equipped with a Night Vision Goggles (NVG) shroud and Accessory Rail Connectors (ARC), the MCHC design allows the wearer to configure their helmet with mission neccessary equipment quickly and easily. When properly installed, the cover provides excellent stability for the rails and shroud. Designed for use with the Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH), Tactical Ballistic Helmet II (TBH-II), and all MICH-style helmets, the MCHC fits helmet sizes small through x-large.

The Ops-Core MCHC Mission Configurable Helmet Cover transforms existing ACH/MICH helmets into a modular platform capable of integrating mission specific accessories. The design is a near-term, cost efficient upgrade for users who require the modularity of the Ops-Core platforms.

The helmet cover fits a wide range of helmets, including ACH, TBH and all MICH-style helmets and features hook-and-pile attachment tabs that simplify installation. The lightweight cover is available in a full line of colors and patterns.


  • The attached Ops-Core NVG shroud and Accessory Rail Connectors hold various system components such as visors, mandibles, communication devices, cameras, and lights.
  • An optional Rear Flap is also available for added goggle retention.
  • The unique design of the hook-and-pile attachment tabs simplify installation.
  • Designed for use with ACH style helmets to offer modularity and multiple accesory capabilities for the next level of performance.
  • Weight, less than 11.5 ounces.