Kalashnikov Komrad 12-Gauge Semi-Auto w/ Pistol Brace

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Kalashnikov Komrad 12-Gauge Semi-Auto w/ Pistol Brace


The Kalashnikov Komrad is a non-NFA item, AOW, compact, 12 gauge semi-automatic, smoothbore firearm, based on the Russian Saiga series.

The Komrad has a barrel length of 12.5”. The overall length (OAL) of the Kalashnikov Komrad is 31.5” with the pistol brace fully extended and 29.25” when collapsed. It weighs 7.85 lbs.

The Komrad accepts standard 12 gauge 2 3/4” and 3” magnum shells. The gun’s abbreviated barrel works best with loads exceeding 1340 fps. It utilizes the long-stroke gas system of Mikhail Kalashnikov’s famous AK-47 rifle but with an innovative and adjustable gas system that allows custom tuning based on the ammunition being used. The result is a reliable and smooth shooting firearm with a short length and excellent handling characteristics.

The Komrad comes with an SB Tactical pistol brace, adjustable pistol grip, tri-rail forend, vertical forward grip, standard side-mounted optics rail and a threaded muzzle for use with external choke tubes, muzzle brakes or flash suppressors. The Komrad has a front bead sight coupled with a rear notch.


Forged Trunnion
Forged Carrier
Chrome lined barrel


Weight: 7.85 lbs
Dimensions: 29.29" (collapsed) 31.5" (extended)
Caliber: 7.62x39mm
Barrel Length: 12.5″
Stock: SBA3 Pistol Brace
Magazine: 2x 5-Rounds