Kalashnikov Khaos 12-Gauge Semi-Auto Firearm

Kalashnikov USA
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Kalashnikov USA’s KHAOS is a 12-Gauge personal defense-type firearm that excels at close range engagements. It comes equipped with Mikhail Kalashnikov’s legendary AK-type long stroke gas system, giving the KHAOS outstanding reliability in virtually any condition. The gas system is adjustable, allowing the KHAOS to accept a massive assortment of ammunition from light low-brass cartridges to 3” high-brass magnum shells. Unlike the vast majority of 12-Gauge firearms that utilize a fixed, tubular magazine, the KHAOS is outfitted with a detachable box magazine, similar to that of an AK-pattern rifle. This gives the KHAOS a massive advantage over traditional tube-fed designs: the ability to swap magazines instead of loading individual shells makes reloading significantly faster, and allows the user to quickly and easily exchange ammunition types. The two included 5-round box magazines can be upgraded with larger 10-round box magazines as well as Saiga-type drum magazines, giving the user a substantial amount of firepower. The weapon’s extreme reliability, combined with its quick-change detachable magazines makes KHAOS ideal for home-defense, recreational shooting, or as a handy truck-gun.

Other features of the KHAOS include a “Bird’s Head” Pistol-Grip and “Bikini” Hand Stops. The “Bird’s Head” grip features a large palm-swell to comfortably fill the user’s hands, and is rubberized for a no-slip grip. The “Bikini” hand stops provide an instant indexing point for quick weapon deployment, and accommodate a “push-pull” style of grip. Together, the pistol grip and hand stops allow the user to tame the hefty recoil associated with the 12-Gauge cartridge. The handguard of the KHAOS is equipped with M-LOK slots in the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions, and a series of ventilation holes along the fore-end allows the weapon to cool faster after prolonged firing sessions. In addition, the majority of Saiga aftermarket parts are compatible with the KHAOS , but Kalashnikov USA offers an entire line of accessories specifically designed to enhance the KHAOS ’s performance. These include chokes, muzzle brakes, fore-grips, sling studs, and optics mounts, allowing the KHAOS to be adapted to any role or situation.


Forged Trunnion
Forged Carrier
Chrome lined barrel


Weight: 7.02 lbs
Overall Length: 28"
Caliber: 12-Gauge
Barrel Length: 12.5″Stock: Birds Head Stype Pistol Grip
Magazine: 2x 5-Rounds (compatible with Saiga magazines and drums)