Colt 1921A Thompson .45 ACP Submachine Gun | Transferable Serial #1234

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The Colt 1921A Thompson Submachine Gun is a rare original uncompensated variant of the iconic American firearm and this particular one is in 90%+ condition, with all original parts and finish. Making this Colt Thompson even more special is the unique serial #1234. The history of this submachine gun is lengthy and fully documented in Gordon Herigstad's book.

1 of 29 Thompson Submachine Guns shipped to Baldwin-Felts Detectives Inc from Colt

Then sold as a 1 of 8 Thompson Submachine Gun order to Pocahontas Coal Operators Association in Pocahontas, WV

Surfaced for sale in Shotgun News July of 1994

Again for sale at Knob Creek KY Machinegun Shoot in October 1995

Greg Fox Collection Casselberry Florida 1996

Purchased by William Douglas Miitary Museum in Dunedin Flordia on July 21 1996 from Greg Fox

Purchased by Lawrence Heisekell Collection in Blacksburg VA 1999



This Colt Thompson includes 1x original L drum magazine and pictured display stand.