Ammo Inc 9mm Luger Ammo 115 Grain TMC Streak Cold Tracer - Case of 200rds

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Ammo Inc 9mm Luger Ammo 115 Grain TMC Streak Cold Tracer

Case of 200 rounds, new production, non-corrosive, boxer primed, reloadable brass cases


STREAK Visual Ammunition is exclusive and patented technology that allows the shooter to visually see the projectile’s path towards its target. STREAK rounds are non-incendiary, meaning they don’t generate heat and thus are safe to use in environments where traditional tracers are prohibited and can be a serious fire hazard. The results are game-changing in many aspects for shooting sport enthusiasts, law enforcement and military. Safe for indoor range use and nighttime shooting.


  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Suggested Use: Target & Match, Range, Plinking
  • Patented technology that allows the shooter to keep a visual on the projectiles flight path toward its target
  • Non-Flammable visual tracer style ammunition, non-incendiary round that is safe for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Bullet Features: Accurate, Positive Functioning, No Barrel Leading, No Expansion
  • Quality: Most Ammo Inc products are manufactured to SAAMI or CIP specifications.
  • Balanced Velocity and Recoil
  • Hyperclean Technology
  • 100% American Made Components, Finest Rounds on the Market


  • Casing: Factory Brass
  • Bullet Style: TMC (Total Metal Coating)
  • Bullet Weight (Grains): 115
  • Bullet Diameter (Inches): 0.355
  • Bullet Sectional Density: 0.13
  • Bullet Ballistic Coefficient: 0.156
  • Primer Type: Small Pistol Primer 1.5
  • Primer Style: Boxer


  • Muzzle Velocity (FPS): 1,124
  • Muzzle Energy (Ft. Lbs.): 327
  • Test Barrel Length: 4.00 inches


  • 2
    Decent ammo But No trace

    Posted by AW on 26th Jan 2023

    I had tried this when they first hit the market. Unfortunately I had zero luck getting anytime of trace out of this ammo. I know that it is a cold tracer and not like traditional tracer ammo. But I have used it inside and outside and at all hours outside. I did get a very faint trace when at a friend's indoor range and gun shop but nothing that would justify any extra cost. I had no results in the mid day sun, 10pm and 2am outdoors. So given that there was zero light pollution it certainly was not to Brite after the sun went down up in the mountains at the family cabins private range that goes out 600yards on the power line clear cut and 75 yards on the pistol and shotgun range right out the back door. But I had zero luck getting anything that came close to the marketing video and or even resembled a tracer round. I will definitely say that it was a soft shooting reliable round otherwise. But it is just too expensive at regular prices to justify this ball ammo in my opinion at regular price. But for clearance I definitely think that it is a fair price but just forget about it actually functional as a tracer. Out of the 4 boxes that I had purchased none lit up even in the middle of the night only had a faint glow on an indoor range with the lights out but even then it was nothing special and I am going to stick with the traditional tracer ammo if I want to shoot it. But in general I only shoot tracers on the 4th of July, veterans day, and memorial day with Friends since the kids think it's cool. But otherwise I don't shoot it. But this I figured would be fun to shoot at steel gongs to watch how they deflect or spall but that never happened since they never illuminated when fired. Granted that I might have just got a few boxes from a defective run of ammo but in general most reviews have said the same stuff that it's junk and doesn't trace. But I would definitely agree with that since it didn't trace but it does go bang. I would probably buy it at $50 for 200 rounds because it is weak ammo and does not trace but it is good for plinking and the only reason I gave it more than a single star.

  • 5
    Good deal

    Posted by Jacob on 2nd Jan 2023

    Pretty reliable ammo. Make sure you shoot this at night or at a dim gun range for the best result. Hard to see in daylight.

  • 5
    9mm Ammo

    Posted by Louis on 16th Dec 2022

    Perfect ammo for target shooting. Reliable and accurate.

  • 4
    Have used in the past and worked well in low light

    Posted by BCAMPBELL on 17th Oct 2022

  • 3
    Good Product

    Posted by Paul Wells on 14th Oct 2022

    These are labeled and listed as Tracer but they are not marked with any color paint on the tips of the rounds. I'm sure they will fire the same as any other round but it would still be unknown if they are really tracer or not.

  • 5
    indoor tracer rounds

    Posted by david blower on 4th Oct 2022

    I purchased 1k rounds of this ammo. excellent quality and tracers light up right away.

  • 5
    TMC 9mm

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Sep 2022

    As advertised and shipped right away

  • 5
    Ammo Inc 9mm Luger Ammo 115 Grain TMC Streak Cold

    Posted by Brian Schieck on 30th Aug 2022

    Nice allowed on the indoor range. Nice Very Visable

  • 4
    9 mm tracer

    Posted by JASON Subiate on 20th Aug 2022

    These were not bad. I did have a few rounds with bad primers, but I fired 75 rnds at my indoor range and the performed well, for the price I would but these again.